A design concept can be defined as the creative solution to a design problem. Conceiving a concept is the hardest part of the creative process, the part that separates the creative designer from the mediocre one.

Essentially, it means you have a reason for doing what you are doing, for the imagery and colors you select, for cropping something or using a particular font. It’s the framework for all your design decisions. This reason and the elements you use to convey it should accurately communicate the established objectives. (Landa, Robin. “Create A Concept, 18.” Thinking Creatively. Cincinnati: North Light Books, 1998.)

One of my all time favorite ad campaigns is by Nike. They coined the phrase Just Do It in 1988. Since then, they have become a world leader in the sales of athletic shoes and apparel. The concept for these ads was to show professional athletes who were able to compete in multiple sports because of their Nike gear. One of my favorite ads was of Bo Jackson, at the time a running back for the Oakland Raiders and a left fielder for several major league baseball teams. The ads were all about ‘Bo knows…’ all of the various sports. One of them showed Bo working out, and while on an exercise bike, asking, “When is that Tour de France thing?” Although it was a joke, the idea that Bo was a multisport professional athlete and he could compete in whatever sport he put his mind to helped Nike to make the average person think that they, too, could Just Do It with Nike products. For the past 20 years, Nike has continued to lead the athletic market with their Just Do It ad campaign.


http://www.puresportsart.com/warehouse/bojackson88nike-1.jpg http://www.usatoday.com/money/top25-ads.htm

Think about one of your favorite ad campaigns. Tell me about the ad (is there a website I can reference?)

What is the concept?

What is it selling?

Who is it selling to (target audience?)

What is going on in the ad?

Who is it targeting? Why do you think that?

What is it about this campaign that stands out to you?

Why do you remember it?

Why do you think it’s a good campaign?

Now, I want you to think about the ad  you are going to create.  Answer the following questions for your ad design.

What is the concept for your ad?

How are you communicating that concept?

How do your fonts fit that concept? (please list the fonts used)

How do your images fit that concept?