In the art world, critiques are extremely important.  They are a way to learn about how others view, judge, look at and understand your work.  In graphic design, you cannot create without critiques.  The job of a designer is to create artwork for a client.  If the client doesn’t like your work, you must change it and adapt it to their desires.  They have the final say as they are paying you to create for them.  Therefore, you must present rough drafts several times over to the client so that they may see your progress as you work towards a final design.  We will critique our rough and final drafts in here often.

Your first step in learning to critique is to answer the following questions about the design shown below.  Do the best you can and answer everything that you know.

1. Describe what you see.

2.  What is the purpose of the ad?

3. How are the elements and principles of design (specifically emphasis, pattern/repetition and contrast) used to convey this meaning?

4. Describe the designer’s concept?  What was their idea behind the design of this ad?

5. Who do you think the target audience is?  Why?

6. Is this a successful (good) design/ad?  Explain your thoughts.