You are going to design a poster.  Using your favorite musical artist, design a poster announcing a concert tour or album release.

First step, do a search for concert posters and look at the different styles of design (some examples are posted below.)

Secondly, explore the following website for tutorials on  different poster design styles using Photoshop (and Illustrator):

Work through the tutorial that you like best.  Use images from the free stock photos websites to begin a small 8.5″x11″ practice poster today from the tutorial and save your progress to the hand in folder.

Lastly, you are going to post a reply to this blog answering the following about your final project poster (see the requirements below:)

– which artist you are going to create for

– the style of design you think best fits this artist

– what type of imagery comes to mind that you might use in your poster

– how you are going to find these images for the poster

Final Concert Poster Requirements:

• 16″x20″ size

• Minimum 4 images (cannot use any existing artwork or photos from that musical artist’s CD’s/DVD’s/Video/etc.)

• Information must include who, what, when, where and why (name of tour or latest CD release, is it a fundraising tour/concert?)

Hand in final poster in PSD format with all layers and history intact.

***You must cite your image resources!!!