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Name the Simile!

From left to right, top to bottom, name the similes.  For each correct simile, receive 2 extra credit points!  Please name them as 1, 2, 3, and so on…


2-Color Brochure Design


You are going to design a three panel brochure for a facility that helps animals.  Choose the facility you want to create for (for example, Denver Dumb Friends League, Longmont Humane Society, The Wild Animal Sanctuary, Big Cat Rescue, etc.)  Most of these facilities are usually non-profit which means that their financial resources are limited.  Therefore, you are restricted to using only 2 colors throughout your design.  Remember, black is considered a color!  Research your facility; who are they, what do they do, where are they located, when were they established, why do they do what they do, etc.  Do they have an exisiting logo that you can use?  What kinds of images will you need to incorporate into your brochure? Determine the two colors (specify CMYK values!!) you want to use and you must include a minimum of 8 images.

The first thing you need to know is the purpose of the brochure or what the client wants that brochure to accomplish. That ties directly into who the target audience is and what the message of the brochure will be. There are three main types of brochures and in each case; the cover is used to accomplish a specific goal. The three types of brochures are those that are used to advertise or market, those that educate or inform, and those that entertain. ( The brochure that you are going to create will be one of the first two types–advertise/market, and educate/inform.  Therefore, you have to determine what your angle for the brochure will be.  You are serving as both the client and the designer.  What information needs to be included in your brochure? What action do you want people to take?  Do you want them to donate money?  Are you advertising a spay/neuter clinic? Do you want people to come and see your facility?


Think about the flow of your brochure.  How does one panel move into the next?  Color, fonts, text, images and design must be consistent throughout the brochure.  Do you have a design element that carries through all panels such as circles or lines?  What about the shape of your images–are they rectangular, circular, or did you cut out the main image and have an organic outline?  How does the text fit with the images?  Does it wrap around the shape?  Do you have pull-out quotes or bits of info?


• tri-fold, 6 panel brochure

• 2 color design

• minimum 8 images, may be scanned, free stock photos, or your own photographs YOU have taken

For some brochure design inspiration, visit the following link.

Poster Critique

1. Which poster design do you like the most?  Why?  
2. How would you describe this poster to a person who could not see it?  
3. What interests you most about this postert?  
4. What do you think is good about this poster design? What is not so good?  
5. Does this design give the necessary information for the viewer to take action? (Who, what, when, where…)  
6. Which poster design needs the most work?  
7. What design elements is it missing? Why are the missing design elements important?  
8. What would you do to refine/clean up this poster? Give specific details.