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Redesign this coffee shop menu

Re-design the following menu in Illustrator using black/white type.

Java Joe’s Coffee Menu

Espresso:  Who would have thought? Our espresso is a tiny shot of big energy! $1.50

Espresso Ristretto: Whoa Nelly! Slightly smaller than the espresso shot, but an even stronger pick-me-up! $2.00

Espresso Macchiato: The pinnacle of espresso. A shot of espresso with a bit of steamed milk or cream on top. $2.50

Cappuccino: A double shot of espresso topped with foamed milk.  Available in a variety of flavors including amaretto, mocha and hazelnut. We also have daily specials. $3.00

Caffe Americano: A shot of espresso cut with extremely hot water. $ 2.50

Caffe Latte: The milk-and-coffee lover’s delight. Our best espresso mixed with steamed milk topped with foam. $3.25

Plain-Jane Joe: Coffee.  Just coffee.  Just good coffee.  In a variety of flavors including amaretto, mocha, and hazelnut. $2.00



This is the blog for the computer graphics class.  You will take notes, get ideas or project information, see examples, critique work, etc., through this blog.  You will have to respond to many of the blogs that I post as part of your daily points.

The first project that you are working on, typography, is about the arrangement and layout of letters and words.   Think about imagery, decorative illustration, type/letters as shapes…

Some examples are:

Where did you find some cool typography examples?  Reply to this post with website addresses of two or three of your favorite ideas.